A bad end to a bad year? Maybe not.

Well Christmas didn’t go according to plan. 8.15 Xmas morning we had a call to say our daughter had been in a car accident 😳. The car had skidded on sheet hitting a wall and caught fire. Somehow she had managed to get out and walk away with horrendous bruising from the seat belt but nothing else, even the fire crew and ambulance couldn’t believe it! She was so lucky, the car obviously was a complete write off.

And now Xmas is over we are back to the pandemic and the end of this year. But thinking back over what has been a horrific year in many ways it has also been a year that I think many of us have learned to appreciate some things we had taken for granted. Many lives have been lost and many others affected in different ways.

I have learned a lot about myself this year as I have been shielding since March as classed as extremely clinically vulnerable. I have learned that despite my disabilities and mental health I am far stronger than I expected. I have learned to appreciate others and what they do along with their opinions, I’ve managed to help others through the lockdown because in many ways being more or less house bound before the lockdown I already knew how to deal with it. Yes there were times I got mad or grouchy but who doesn’t? I think the first part of 2021 will be tough but we will get through it. People need each other whether that’s in a relationship or just someone to say hello to. I’m lucky and have my family but if you know anyone on their own just let them know your there.

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