Meet Mabel

Mad Mabel

Meet Mad Mabel!! I’m not sure why I named her that but it seemed appropriate at the time. The wheelchair is supplied by wheelchair services and is nearly 3 years old. It’s a Quickie 100R and gives me my independence back. The extra cushion and back support I added as I needed. Also the much needed cup holder, grabber, hand sanitiser and under bag storage.

In the house I don’t use the foot rests as its easier to get around inside without them as I have leg movement to lift them out of the way. I call her Mad Mabel due to first getting to grips with using a powerchair not being aware of how much a camber on the pavement can have on a wheelchair with front caster wheels. I was going along a pavement at a walking pace came across a rather sharp drop pavement and Mad Mabel decided to shoot of the pavement and into the road causing a thankfully very observant driver to do an emergency stop! Needless to say I was highly embarrassed as the poor driver was in more of a state than I was stating it was mad that a wheelchair would do that even though it really was due to my own experience or lack of it in this case. I now treat any pavement with great care.

Now as I’m sure you’ve guessed the driver was called Mabel hence Mad Mabel. (yes I have a weird sense of humour)

So the reason I need a wheelchair in the first place is due to having no working balance organs so struggle to stand or move without falling flat on my face (which I used to do a lot and we got to know the ambulance and A&E quite well)

But using Mad Mabel gives me a life and has many pro’s and some con’s

Pro’s are I don’t fall over, I don’t ever wear out shoes, my leg’s don’t ache from long walks, I can move around safely on hard ground I can get out and walk my dogs sometimes. My Granddaughter loves going for a ride with me! there really is so much more and so many positives I can’t list them all.

As for con’s well the pavement episode is one, access is still an issue in many places, It has made me even shorter than I was ! , It is no good on gravel or wet grass as I have been stuck on some ones lawn before now and tore it up trying to get off again. And the tyres are a so and so to clean before coming back in the house.

But Mad Mabel and I have a love hate relationship as I’m sure many other wheelchair users can relate to, but I wouldn’t or couldn’t do without her.

Mabel and I are off out to whizz around the outside of the house and wind the dog’s up as they trot alongside and can’t understand when I turn around and go back the way we came.

Take care all.

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